Developers from SinginGiant presented a gameplay trailer for their debut project – the FPS horror game Contain, in which we will play on behalf of the soldiers of a secret unit. A FEAR-inspired game is planned for 2024, but there are no specific dates. Platforms are also unknown, but the first-person shooter is likely to be released only on PC. There will be no Russian language in Contain.

The gameplay of Contain is built around small special operations, in which not only the location will be different, but also the equipment with the level of threat. Before each mission, we, one of the four squad members, will visit the Gunsmith, receive new guns and equipment, and then undergo light training so that we can roughly understand what awaits us next.

Each such operation will involve four players who will have to go around a gloomy location, exploring either an abandoned hospital or some secret object. You just have to be careful – the opponents are not some kind of terrorists or soldiers, but paranormal creatures with unique abilities. To survive, you will have to act as coordinated as possible.



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