Long Way Home has revealed gameplay for its new high-speed adventure RPG with a “powerful story and spectacular vehicular combat” – RESISTOR. The racing RPG will be released on PC in Steam and EGS, as well as on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch. There is no release date yet.

The plot of RESISTOR will take us 40 years forward – to 2060, when most countries almost completely destroyed each other. On the ruins of the old civilization, new city-states are now growing under the control of powerful corporations. And they are the ones who hold an annual racing tournament to somehow entertain ordinary people.

We are an ordinary girl Aster, who is simply forced to win this year in order to get money for her mother’s treatment. But how did it happen that an ordinary race suddenly turned into a fight against the system?

Judging by the description in Steam, in RESISTOR we will find a vibrant open world consisting of sultry wastelands and urban slums, dynamic racing tournaments with team competitions for life and death, as well as a large-scale storyline with a whole sea of ​​side quests scattered throughout the world. And we haven’t yet mentioned battles for territory, battles with bosses, pumping up a racing car and assembling your own team.



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