EA Sports FC Mobile 24 was released on September 26, which I wrote about in a separate news article. Now there are gameplay videos on YouTube, some of you have tried the new version. Now let’s talk about whether EA Sports FC Mobile 24 was able to take a step forward compared to FIFA Football?

In short, there is a step forward, but it is only half-hearted. I assume that on an Apple tablet or Android gaming smartphone with a 144 Hz display, the gameplay will be smooth, and the lighting, shadows and models of football players will be realistic. In general, it is clear that EA Sports FC Mobile 24 is in no way inferior to eFootball 2024 in terms of picture or “wrapper”, but the game has another problem.

While developers from Gaijin are announcing the best tracing in War Thunder Mobile, and Capcom and Ubisoft are releasing console titles on the iPhone 15 Pro, publisher Electronic Arts still hasn’t figured out how to create a real football simulator with teeth.

Thus, the physics of football players and their movements are far from real football matches. This could be partly attributed to new players who did not learn how to “feint” and beat defenders beautifully, but the AI ​​team also simply runs all over the field and passes dry passes. And the commentator in the background pronounces the names of the players.

There are no shouts from Guberniev, no analytics from Gusev – in front of you is sterile football of gentlemen who are not capable of making rash actions that could lead to a red card. And this kind of football only makes you want to yawn widely.


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