Turkish developers from RealityArts Studio presented a gameplay trailer for an action role-playing game in the spirit of The Elder Scrolls – Unawake. A short video showed the future combat system and battles with opponents. According to the developers, an alpha version of the build was used for recording, so everything may look completely different in release.

“Only you decide the fate of humanity among the merciless wars between nightmarish creatures from Heaven and Hell. Take your weapons and fight your opponents in heavy hand-to-hand combat from a first-person perspective. Remember, you are the last bastion of humanity.”

Also on Steam a free demo version of Unawake has appeared, in which you can try out ready-made mechanics and fight demons. The demo will only be available for a few days – until 20:00 Moscow time on November 2, so be quick. Unfortunately, there is no Russian language in the game and, it seems, there will not be.

Unawake will be released on PC and current consoles: PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. No dates have been announced yet.



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