World of Feudal is a free online multiplayer game for one player that offers you to feel like a real heir to the throne. The game is distinguished by a detailed study of entire gameplay moments – from the creation of structures and the analysis of methods to the establishment of diplomatic relations and fights. Here you can try on the role of a competent strategist and ruler, acquire your own army and be able to build good political relations with other kingdoms. If strategy games don’t suit you and you’re looking for something relaxing, you can always choose something a little more fun, like Dinosaur from google chrome.

World of Feudal provides users with a lot of options to customize your character, create powerful artifacts and unique weapons to help create a unique, one-of-a-kind hero.

The game has very different social features. You can not only build and improve buildings, complete quests and develop, but also write your chronicle and protect your empire from total extinction.

The project, of course, will appeal to those who love history, prefer the freedom of their actions, and do not limit themselves in anything. You will acquire good potential and development, learn how to build relationships with other strategists and communicate with like-minded people.

But first of all, this game is designed to teach you to think and live your own life as a strong personality.

All the details are further in the World of Feudal game review.

Game description

World of Feudal

What we just do not have to do in games; probably all but one – to build and create your own kingdom. If earlier we were offered to lead the state in detail, now the system has changed and presents a completely unconstrained and intelligible development.

Strategy and building for some people is the only way to have a good and useful time. Studying history in games, people explore the world, take part in campaigns, arrange disassemblies, form associations – in short, they join the way of epoch-making people.

The strategy simulator World of Feudal fills you with the spirit of the Middle Ages. Due to the detailed design, melody and other details, a feeling is formed, as if you are present in antiquity. In this project, you can observe the active change of seasons, you can constantly consider how reality is seething in the state, and feel at ease the atmosphere of the epic.

Needless to say, it’s not like other games where you have to look for something or kill someone. And here you are offered to move into a difficult period for humanity and take on the role of the ruler.

Simple graphics and nothing more

World of Feudal

Before you start the game, you have to conjure over the appearance and inventory of your character. Here you do not need to go exactly along the established path, but it is proposed to become the heir to the throne and take the reins of government into your own hands. It is necessary to adequately strive to restore the former status and possessions, because everything is in a state of disrepair. It is allowed to take only necessary actions, but you need to remember about the likely outcome.

The preface will present a colorful picture surrounded by a detailed interface. A lot of options are repulsive at first, but a quick coaching from the creators gives all the explanations in detail. The gamer tries on the role of a petty feudal lord, who has a single village with two or three buildings and some gold and silver.

For a certain period, you will be provided with an adviser – he will give instructions on improving buildings, controlling possessions, and the like. In addition, you will complete the initial quests, with the help of which it is possible to advance faster in the game.

At first in the game you will have only a few simple structures with a main building and a small amount of resources (gold, silver). It is necessary to build a fortress from these resources, to organize production and economy. The participant decides for himself who he should be – a just ruler, an intelligent merchant or a merciless invader. Any kind of life activity has advantages and disadvantages that can be assumed. However, you must own your own army.

At the seventh level, participation in battles is already welcome, but before that you need a long time and hard pumping. It is not advisable to send all units without exception to battles, because a certain number must be in the garrison. The game also provides the ability to create a clan system. Here it is possible to group up with any gamers and work together to improve, protect each other and jointly arrange military sorties.

In addition, a nice partnership is formed, where it turns out to acquire interlocutors. The amazing spirit of the Middle Ages is mixed with a sense of freedom of your actions. It is this moment that provides the multiplayer game with good potential and development.

World of Feudal – video

Should I play World of Feudal?

Who should play World of Feudal? Of course, this game will appeal to many people. For players who have never dealt with strategy, this game can become a discovery of oneself in a completely new role of a manager, owner of the land and possessions, what can I say, the whole kingdom. Here you can reveal your abilities as a strategist and the ability to build relationships with other similar neighbors – feudal lords.

This game is for those who love pleasant companies and communication with interlocutors. But above all, here you can develop yourself as a strong personality, because it is not for nothing that the official description of the game says: “Take the role of a wise lord and show your ability to manage the castle. Just be careful, there are enemies around … “


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