Lost Realm: Chronorift is a mobile game where gamers assemble a squad of rare heroes and participate in automatic battles against waves of enemies.

In terms of setting and picture, Lost Realm: Chronorift is reminiscent of Hades, and the gameplay is reminiscent of RAID: Shadow Legends. For example, at the start, players are given a squad of powerful heroes, but later they die in a battle against a strong boss. As a result, you have to start from scratch.

Lost Realm: Chronorift has a clear interface and gameplay. New heroes must be knocked out through the gacha system; Gamers are given free spins. The developers also promise an original plot and a world full of mythical creatures. As for the characters, there are 100+ of them available. They also need to be improved with the help of artifacts – there are more than 40 of them.

I note that you can play Lost Realm: Chronorift through Google Play in 3 countries:

  • Indonesia;
  • Singapore;
  • Malaysia.

Pre-registration is taking place in the App Store with release December 1, 2023.

Game modes in Lost Realm

  • PvP arenas;
  • Instructions;
  • Guild raids;
  • Tests;
  • New modes in future updates.

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