King of the North is a mobile game with early access in the US and Singapore. You can only play on iOS, which is surprising – often F2P games appear first or simultaneously on Android.

King of the North offers a pleasant and snowy picture. Also, the interface is clear despite the fact that there may not be Russian localization. Beginning players will undergo training during which they will build a Viking settlement, speeding up the process with the help of special items, collecting materials and conquering new territories.

In King of the North, the seasons can change – snow-covered fields and forests will turn into green groves. This will allow you to hunt animals and get more food for your Viking clan.

I’m glad that the game will constantly prompt you if something is missing. For example, if there are more available houses for settlers. The developers also added a special indicator that shows the health status of residents. If people get sick, they won’t be able to work.

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