Frost Forge: Dragon’s Might is a mobile game in the survival simulator genre. It’s reminiscent of Frostpunk, where the player clears forests for a huge furnace building. It is this that will allow him and the dinosaurs to escape from the frost that covered the entire earth.

Frost Forge: Dragon’s Might is available on Android as an early release. You can download it through many countries, including Russia.

As players progress through Frost Forge: Dragon’s Might, they will discover new areas, clearing them of the fog of war and snow. This will allow you to open new buildings, find survivors and dinosaur fossils so that they will come to life again on Earth.

However, Frost Forge: Dragon’s Might resembles typical mobile F2P strategy games, where the emphasis is on developing the power level of a settlement. At the same time, this game has an interesting setting, nice interface and picture. Plus, during training, the player directly participates in the gameplay, and does not tap on all places on the screen, just to quickly start building his own empire.

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