The mobile game Frontline Hero has appeared on Google Play in all countries of the world. The global release took place on November 8th. There is no information about the iOS version.

Frontline Hero is made in the “tower defense” genre, where you need to place fighters in positions and watch how they destroy waves of the enemy.

Frontline Hero pleases with a pleasant 3D picture that will appeal to those who played Blue Archive. Each character plays a role in the team, and if you want to get new fighters, you need to participate in the gacha. The developers give about 10 free spins at the start. The knockout animations are done in an interesting way, so you don’t even want to skip them.

As for the gameplay, it is divided into missions, and the characters are divided into elements and factions. In addition to the plot, the developers have added various modes and quests. They are keeping silent about online elements for now.

At the start, players will receive training, during which they will learn about the basic elements of the gameplay, and also upgrade their first fighters. This is done with one button.

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