If you are reading this review, then I still got out of the game that I lost all weekend and not just weekends and I definitely recommend that you pick up this game for free from the Epic Games Store while it is being distributed there for free until August 20 or still if you are reading this article already after August 20, spend money on a game in steam at the next sale (the basic version of the game now costs 1297 rubles).

So, this is a cooperative third-person shooter with souls-like elements in a post-apocalyptic world that is teeming with sinister monsters. In the role of one of the last representatives of humanity, you have to fight alone or in a squad of up to three people against countless hordes of monsters in the hope of regaining what was lost. You are waiting for dynamically generated worlds that change with each passage. More than 100 varieties of enemies, 20 bosses, and the management of them – a whole arsenal of weapons, armor and special modifications. And all this splendor was created by the developers from Perfect World Entitlement.

To be honest, I have been eyeing this game for a long time, because I wanted something about the post-apocalypse, but without nuclear wastelands and other super mutants. And here it seems, like the end of the world and some kind of mysticism, and the developer company is well-known.

The plot, of course, how to play in such games is simple, but rather unusual, and the full Russian localization of the game has only become a plus.

As for the plot: Earth, near future; after a series of unsuccessful experiments with portals to another world, the planet was attacked by unknown invaders, whom the earthlings called the Root. Humanity is almost completely destroyed, and the few survivors hid in closed shelters. Naturally, we play for the next chosen savior of the world, so that everything here is quite banal.

The gameplay is also quite simple and clear: at the beginning of each location where you find yourself there is a crystal (analogous to a fire from Dark Souls). Through this crystal, you can travel to the base, where you can upgrade your weapons and equipment. For one, replenish your “stone heart” (it’s also a variant of flags with estus).

In addition to crafting, there is also a weapon modification that makes your guns more powerful, which means that the difference between monsters will be even more fun.

Perhaps the main feature of the game is the complexity of the gameplay, which becomes more complicated with the number of players in co-op with you. Naturally, at the same time, cooler loot falls.

Why you should pick up Remnant: From the Ashes for free from EGS As a result: Great game for co-op. With friends and if you want a cool post-apocalypse without nuclear wastelands and Dark Souls mechanics online, then the game is perfect for you and your friends for a few evenings


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