The market of multiplayer online games is in no hurry to please players with new unique projects. Therefore, many game authors are confused to put their ideas on a new track. Like the new Moba, the Crucible shooter.

Crucible is a free-to-play team shooter developed by Relentless Studios, a subsidiary of Amazon Games. There are three full-fledged modes in the game: Heart Of The Hives, Harvester Command and Alpha Hunters.

Heart of The Hives A battle between two teams of four, in which the first to destroy three hive hearts wins. During fights with hives, you can interfere with the enemy team by killing their heroes.

Alpha Hunters The battle of eight teams of two people each. If your teammate dies, you can make a temporary alliance with another hunter. However, the temporary truce will be broken as soon as you get to the final phase of the battle.

Harvester Command- Generator capture mode, each of which, when held, gives points. In total, two groups of 8 players participate in the battle. The first team to score 100 points wins. Also in this mode, you can kill all the enemies that you meet on the way.

Surprisingly, the most popular mode for most players is Harvester Command, in which the whole gameplay actually boils down to the fact that two teams of 8 players each capture points and hold them. In total, according to the classics, there are three such points. But besides another team that is trying to recapture the points from you, there is also a hostile fauna that periodically tries to bite your head off.

There are currently 10 hunters in the game, an assortment of which is represented by aliens, humans and robots with unique weapons, abilities and playstyles.

As you progress through the game, you unlock new abilities as you level up.

In principle, the game has potential, but while you’re playing it feels like it’s all happened before.

Of the fat shortcomings of the game, one can clearly note: the abundance of effects, which ultimately interferes with normal orientation on the battlefield.

A match is selected on average for about 3 minutes, and it takes an average of 3-5 minutes to load, which, in principle, is quite long and does not speak of the best optimization of the game.

Crucible: fresh Moba-shooter is ready to become a new hit on Steam

Basically, there is something in the game. But for now, it’s too early to place any bets on it and say that this is some kind of new word in the game or a new esports discipline. But the game clearly has a future, and all this alien atmosphere might appeal to most modern gamers. So, if you want something like that, then on steam you can try the game for free.

In the meantime, check out the latest trailer.


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