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XnView torrent download is a handy program for comfortable image viewing on a PC. The application supports about 500 different formats, and this applies not only to pictures, but also to video files. Download any file (or a certain number of them) by importing from the Internet or the root directory of your computer and view images with a vengeance. The application is very easy and intuitive, even a beginner will figure it out. The program cannot be called professional, but it performs all its core functions properly and clearly.

Program features

The standard photo viewer from Windows is already pretty fed up with every user. Moreover, in the newest versions of the OS, it began to get pretty buggy and freeze. And on weak computers it took a long time to boot. XnView came to the rescue. This is a unique application for comfortable and lightning-fast viewing of any photos on your computer. Moreover, it is interesting that the application also supports video formats. In total, the program has about 500 formats. There are both the most relevant and obsolete, no longer used by anyone. In terms of functionality, it surpasses not only the standard Windows viewer, but also such eminent applications as IrfanView or ACDSee. This software is integrated into printers, scanners, as well as into MFPs. And absolutely any manufacturer. Print to both import and export by loading images either into or out of the program. Send files for printing with two clicks, choosing advanced settings regarding image quality, size and quantity. Everything is as simple and fast as possible. You will not even notice how ready-made photos will already lie on your table. In order to play media files (audio and video), you need to have additional codecs. However, they are distributed absolutely free of charge, so downloading them will not be any problem. The program updates itself, prompting you to do it automatically, from time to time, or manually. You can decline updates, but we still recommend downloading new versions, as they usually carry a lot of interesting tools. Anyone who constantly views photos on a computer needs to download the XnView torrent.

Software processes

XnView can not only view images and other media files, but also modify them. Create collages by running them through a fun slideshow, or modify any photo by cropping and adjusting with multiple tools. It is interesting that zooming in and increasing the size of the photo will occur without loss of quality. And this is very important, for example, for photographers who want to pinpoint some elements of the picture. Remove red eyes, sharpen, add “noise” to the photo, change the background, and so on. The application uses many colors. Create screenshots of the application (without windows and Windows panels) in one click. In addition to slide shows and collages, you can create panoramas. Take multiple images and combine them into one to make a unique panorama picture. The most common feature is to automatically perform the same actions that you performed earlier. The program itself remembers all the tools used and offers you in a template form.

XnView Features

  • comfortable viewing of images;
  • support for media formats (audio, video);
  • easy image correction;
  • photo enlargement without loss of quality;
  • import/export to printer/scanner;
  • creation of panoramas, collages.

Download the XnView torrent and enjoy watching any photo on your PC.

System requirements

  • Windows 2000/XP/2003 Server/Vista/7/8/8.1/10


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