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WinZip download torrent file program is one of the best software available in the world. Moreover, the program is only half free. For example, in order to avoid constant advertising banners and pop-up icons with purchase offers, you need to purchase a license. The program is supported by both the Windows operating platform and mobile devices. If we talk about format support, then the main one is ZIP.

Program features

WinZip is a popular archiver, a program considered to be the best file compressor. Use this software to archive any files or extract the necessary information from archives. A convenient tool is the preview function, when you can see in advance what is in the archive without extracting it completely. You can also extract only a few folders from all those located in the archive. The program supports a bunch of formats used today, and even a few outdated ones. With the new version of WinZip came unique features and capabilities. So, for example, now you can directly connect to cloud storage, which is very convenient when moving files. You may not even involve a third party (computer) to use the application. The archiver is also popular because it can compress large files. And several times. This is necessary so that they fit on some devices where there is very little space. Add watermarks to documents and put passwords on archives so that no one else can use them. Thanks to an advanced data sharing tool, the program is connected to many social networks, such as Twitter or Facebook. Provide lightning-fast emailing to any user with just a couple of tabs in the interface menu. Don’t worry about safety. All files in the archive are highly protected and encrypted using AES. Also, a popular feature in the application is backup. After downloading the WinZip torrent, you will definitely stop using other similar services for archiving and compressing files.

Software processes

Typically, WinZip archiver is used by professional users who constantly work with files. The interface of the new version remains easy and convenient to learn. Although it has been redesigned and some new options have been added there. A new feature of the application is PDF reading efficiency. With the help of the new tool, you can convert any documents of the Microsoft Office service. There are even more effective methods for backing up files. Improved security. Now you can create unique watermarks on any document. And all this with AES encryption and a password. Plus, you can use the secure transfer of items in cloud services. In the new version of WinZip, the developers left the maximum pairing with the “clouds”. If the archive turned out to be very large in size, it should be compressed. The same can be done with a single selected file. The function of publishing files immediately to social networks looks interesting. It’s all thanks to the ZipShare tool. Share with your friends the necessary files and information in just a couple of clicks.

Features of WinZip

  • the most convenient archiver;
  • secure data transfer;
  • backup;
  • the ability to compress any file;
  • transcoding files from PDF to Microsoft Office format;
  • publishing data on social networks in a couple of clicks;
  • synchronous work with cloud storages.

Download the WinZip torrent to make your life easier with archives.

System requirements

  • Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10


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