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PDF-XChange Editor torrent download is a fairly popular program for comfortable reading and editing PDF files. As you know, Adobe readers do not have a full-fledged normal application for editing PDF documents. Now you can use PDF-XChange Editor and not worry about it. Open any documents, read them conveniently, edit them by changing the structure, fonts and much more.

Program features

This software is multifunctional. It allows you to edit any PDF files, as well as read them comfortably. There’s even a dedicated menu bar that makes documents easier to read. This is especially true with books. You can work simultaneously with several documents, editing them gradually. Reduce the font, add style, edit the text and change it completely. This is a complete application that allows you to do whatever you want with PDF. There will be no more updates to the program, the official developer has stopped supporting the software. But, it doesn’t matter, the application still functions and uses all the important tasks. The program has an integrated text translator. You can easily translate the entire text from English into Russian directly in the document. Export the finished project to any Internet resource. The same can be done vice versa, thanks to chic imports. Convert PDF to graphic format and turn it into a readable page. Send files for printing with two clicks. In an application, it is important to use hotkeys in order to use all its benefits faster and more efficiently. Sending a PDF directly to the email of any user looks interesting. You don’t even have to go to the email to send the letter. Select the item with mail on the main menu and enter the address to which you want to send the document. There is an interesting function of integration into the system of browsers. The most famous web browsers used by users are supported. You go to any page with a PDF and can open it in a new window, changing all the text, copying it or sending it to print.

Features of PDF-XChange Editor

  • changing PDF files;
  • comfortable readability;
  • text editing;
  • improving fonts, adding styles;
  • direct export and import;
  • synchronization with browsers.

Download the PDF-XChange Editor torrent to edit any file in the format of the same name.

System requirements

  • Windows 7 / 8 / 10


PDF-XChange Editor download torrent
PDF-XChange Editor download torrent
PDF-XChange Editor download torrent
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