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MorphVOX Pro torrent download amazing program that can change your voice to any other. If you need to do a similar operation, then feel free to install this software and use all its benefits. The program does not have many functions, but they are all very important and necessary for every user. Add new effects, download additional libraries or use all available presets to amaze other users.

Program features

MorphVOX Pro is a program for changing voice to any other. You can change the voice in the recorded audio, or directly in real time. For example, call a friend on Skype or another similar application and prank him by substituting a completely different voice. The utility has a bunch of tools and unique features that can make your voice as different as possible. Build voice sound algorithms yourself, adding drama, horror, or laughter. Use auxiliary filters and functions, such as laughter, screams in the background, scary music, and so on. The program has many tools to make your voice unique. Adjust the quality of the audio recording if the sound itself is lame and does not reach the ideal. You can adjust the volume, remove any noise, or cut the audio. Sometimes the program is used by gamers for whom it is important to pretend to be cool, brutal, rude in an MMO game. The program will be able to change the voice in real time, so you can play and enjoy a completely different sound. To pause the application settings, or apply some other actions, it is better to use hotkeys. Set them up yourself, especially since there are not so many functions, so you definitely won’t get confused. Use the program on any version of Windows. Unfortunately, this software is not integrated into Unix/Linux, MacOS and mobile systems. The interface is as simple and clear as possible. Minimalistic design provides convenient and comfortable use of tools. If something is not clear, you can always contact the built-in support service. Create multiple profiles to switch between them and prank your friends in turn with different voices. Download the MorphVOX Pro torrent and start changing your voice in just a couple of clicks.

Software processes

All users should install only the Pro version, because the regular one is very limited and has little functionality. With the Professional version, you will be able to use advanced tools, unique features that are simply not available in the standard version. they make it possible to change the voice with a mass of algorithms, tracks, various filters, presets. Pick your voice from popular movies. cartoons, or just famous people. In total, there are 5 main blocks of changes in the program. The main feature is Tweak Voice, where you can see any future audio results. The preview screen opens and you change the voice in real time, watching the changes. Overlay any sound effects on already recorded audio. There is the noise of a stadium, a cell phone ringing, a scream in the background, loud laughter or movie quotes. Here you can also improve the sound of any audio recording.

MorphVOX Pro Features

  • many possibilities for changing the voice;
  • different filters, functions;
  • a bunch of tools;
  • advanced options of the Pro version;
  • elimination of noise and problems with audio;
  • adding effects, presets;
  • voice change in real time.

We recommend downloading the MorphVOX Pro torrent to absolutely everyone who wants to change their voice and play a joke on a friend.

System requirements

  • Windows XP, Vista (32/64), Windows 7/8, 10 (32/64); NET Framework 2.0+


MorphVOX Pro download torrent
MorphVOX Pro download torrent
MorphVOX Pro download torrent
MorphVOX Pro download torrent

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