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Linux Mint download torrent of one of the most popular distributions used by users on this OS. Many programmers have long switched to Linux, but even this operating system itself has several distributions. If you ask users, in most cases they prefer Ubuntu. Although the Linux developers have been trying for a long time to release something that would somehow try to become a competitor to Ubuntu. And the Mint distribution seems to be doing its job well.

Program features

Switching to Linux Mint is worth it for all PC users who want to work on a computer with complete comfort and maximum efficiency. This distribution is a full-fledged replacement for Windows 10, which, lately, has been tricky with updates, as well as the well-known Ubuntu and Red Hat. Mint was created by Linux developers in order to provide users with a complete comfortable OS in which each user can work comfortably. Of course, Linux is not used for watching movies, games and other things for enjoyment. That’s what Windows is for. Although the new version of Mint provides the user with maximum convenience and comfort in all such actions. It combines simplicity and elegance in all workflows. The distribution kit supports various media formats, as well as programs for comfortable work on a PC. Although Linux Mint is still one of the best operating systems for programmers and creating various products. The indisputable advantage of the distribution is that it can be updated several times more often than heavy Ubuntu. And this should be used, because updates hide new tools and functions, as well as software support. The “System” tab is located on the main menu of the desktop, where it is very convenient to find the necessary programs, including those built into the OS. The update package is available in the Mint Update menu. In the newest version of Mint, you get a full-fledged desktop for convenient work with system components. It’s all based on Gnome and Cinnamon. And the versions of these mentioned databases are also constantly updated. To download the Linux Mint torrent, you need to click on the corresponding icon below.

Software processes

Linux lovers will have to get used to the new updated interface. The aforementioned bases are to blame. Rumor has it that you can work much faster in Cinnamon than on the previous interface. Thanks to the optimized code, Mint allows you to install various necessary OS applications in both open and closed versions. Added a new file manager called Nemo. It has become not only more convenient, but also faster. Improve system performance by disabling vertical sync in NVIDIA. Although sometimes this function helps in the opposite direction. Another advantage of Linux Mint is the distribution of the load on the hardware parts of the system. In Ubuntu, for example, this is not the case. With the help of many functions, a backup copy of all files is made daily. Receive system reports on the work done and changes. This helps to identify problem areas and shortcomings, and quickly fix them. We advise you to set a password for root-rights and important applications.

Features of Linux Mint

  • constant updating;
  • simplified work;
  • synchronization with different services;
  • support for a bunch of programs;
  • embedded applications;
  • tight integration into databases (Cinnamon, Tricia, etc.);
  • own file manager;
  • the ability to set a password for all rights;
  • high performance.

Download the Linux Mint torrent and use the unique distribution to your health.

System requirements

  • Any not the most ancient PC.


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