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Krita download torrent of an excellent image editor designed to quickly and easily improve photos. If you need to fix a photo as quickly as possible, correct an image for adding to a website or create an advertising banner, Krita will help you best of all. The program is not as resource-intensive as the same Photoshop, it practically does not load the system, so it is perfect for weak computers.

Program features

Install Krita if you want to learn how to create unique photos, take beautiful pictures and fix any image, even the worst ones. And you can do it in just a few minutes, using the built-in tools and plugins. If something is missing, you can always download it, add it from the Internet, implement it into the program, without even downloading the tools to your computer. In general, Krita has excellent synchronization with cloud storage. Use export and import to send photos in seconds. Transfer some pictures from the Internet to the application by simply inserting the URL address into the desired line. The program can be installed not only on Windows, but also on Linux or MacOS. This increases its popularity in the Internet space. Frankly speaking, the application cannot create much competition for Photoshop or CorelDRAW. Of course, these aforementioned programs are the mastodons of the field, but there are many unique tools and features in Krita that can really surprise you. The interface is very simple, minimalistic. It is convenient and easy to learn. You do not need to spend a lot of time learning some tools and taking a high-quality photo. Everything lies on the surface and is quite simple. There are 8 main themes to choose from, we recommend choosing black. If something is not clear, go to the FAQ section and read about each tool separately. In general, any picture can be corrected in just a couple of minutes. Especially if you use the offers of the program. She will offer you some tools and functions that are most suitable for the projects that you are doing at the moment. Download the Krita torrent and create amazing images in minutes.

Software processes

Krita is an amazing editor that can be called professional. Although most of the elements here are amateur. Everyone can understand the application tools, everything is extremely simple and clear. Interestingly, each function can be configured in its own way. Take, for example, the “Brush” element and customize it the way you want. Choose color, size, transparency, etc. Carry tools to any place on the field (not working). This is very convenient and allows you to both throw out some unnecessary functions and add them back. Create group photos and use the same tools on them as in the first image. The program remembers your actions and then offers special tools, according to your experience. To make the image bright and interesting, it must be diluted with effects. If you miss them, or you don’t find what you really need, then download additional ones from the Internet.

Crita features

  • libraries in the public domain;
  • a lot of tools and functions;
  • use of new technologies;
  • application of OpenGL;
  • a bunch of masks, filters, effects;
  • sharing other editors;
  • quality export/import.

Krita torrent download should be for all photography lovers.

System requirements

  • Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (32/64-bit)


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