KOMPAS 3D v18 download torrent


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KOMPAS 3D v18 download torrent of a high-performance program, which must be installed for everyone involved in design or 3D modeling. This is a profile software designed to create a variety of models, both small and large. It was with the new version v18 that KOMPAS 3D changed in terms of huge models. They are much faster to render, optimize and integrate into the program.

Program features

KOMPAS 3D v18 is a profile program with which you can create various engineering elements. The size of the model does not play any role here at all, the same can be said about the format. All formats are supported, as are any downloadable libraries. If you do not have enough tools offered by the application, then you can safely use some auxiliary ones. Download them from other similar services by adding them to the application and using all available tools. But, we assure you, you will have plenty of these functions that are presented in the program. There are a lot of them and they are all very important. There are ready-made templates so as not to create some well-known and common element from scratch. You can change any templates to make them more unique and original. This applies to both the huge room presented in the model (3D and 2D), and some small ballpoint pen or eraser. There are a lot of models, but the most common ones are usually similar to each other, which means that it makes no sense to create new projects from scratch. Of course, unless you want to practice engineering modeling and design. Further, after you have added a template, you can change it in your own way. Try to fix the mesh center, mark the connection elements, optimize fillets, and so on. New tools have been added to the new version. This applies to colors, circles, types of models and geometric shapes. The optimization of the program for various similar services has been updated. I would like to mention the high performance, which has become even higher and better. Download the KOMPAS 3D v18 torrent and use the great health program using all the new tools.

Software processes

This program uses up to 99% of the total power of the computer, which has a positive effect on the operation of the application itself and negatively on the system. Thanks to the redistribution of “weight” on the entire hardware, you can use the application with maximum performance. Along with the new version, unique express calculations of the future model used by the preview screen appeared. Also, it is worth mentioning the support for all current formats. This is very important, because only JT and STEP AP242 were supported in version 17. Now you can integrate completely new formats used in all professional applications into the project. The developers have seriously updated the metal structures, which have become even more flexible. You can add amplifiers and metal holders in any item. Thus, the structure hanging over them will not be able to bend the material. All created elements should be viewed in parallel in the preview screen.

Features of KOMPAS 3D v18

  • unique profile product;
  • gorgeous preview screen;
  • many updated materials and tools;
  • added a bunch of new features, options;
  • pairing with similar programs;
  • loading additional libraries.

Download torrent KOMPAS 3D v18 is for everyone involved in computer design.

System requirements

  • Windows 7/8/10 (x86/x64)
  • CPU: Intel or AMD processor supporting at least SSE2 instructions
  • Video: OpenGL compatible graphics accelerator
  • Memory: 2Gb or more
  • Disk Space: 7Gb or more
  • Operating System: Windows 7 SP1 and above


KOMPAS 3D v18 download torrent
KOMPAS 3D v18 download torrent
KOMPAS 3D v18 download torrent
KOMPAS 3D v18 download torrent

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