KOMPAS 3D v17 download torrent


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KOMPAS 3D v17 download torrent of the new version of the popular program for designing structures of any complexity. If you are just learning and trying to comprehend the basics of modeling, then this application will suit you just in time. Also, the program is perfectly used by professionals who have been working in the field of computer engineering for many years.

Program features

The 17th version of KOMPAS has a new interface, a unique design with two color themes. You can choose either black or light. All icons are vector, there are still a lot of tabs, tools can be moved anywhere, adding new ones from the global search. By the way, as for the search, it not only searches for the necessary elements here, but also automatically launches them. The user customizes the interface as he sees fit. You can also set up hotkeys to search the settings for the right tools less often, as well as create any designs faster. All modeling tools have been updated, in particular, “Sketch” has become more synchronized with other commands. One of the innovations is the availability of commands even without suitable elements in the design. That is, if some material developed by the user does not have a convex operation, then the “Convex” element itself would not work in previous versions of the program. Now the creators have managed to make sure that all the elements, regardless of whether it accepts the material, work properly. But this does not insure users and assumes that they themselves know what they are doing. Because in the finished project now there may be such structures that do not meet the requirements of the regulations. In any case, everything can be easily changed and corrected even after the completion of the project. Most of the processes are used together, together, integrating their functions into one loop. Now it has become even easier to create many models at the same time, in a row. Less time and resources of the system hardware are spent.

Features of KOMPAS 3D v17

  • updated interface;
  • unique tools;
  • mass of structures;
  • combining several elements into one;
  • convenient modeling;
  • new “Autoline” and “Sketch”;
  • new options and functions;
  • help from the application at all stages.

Download torrent KOMPAS 3D v17 is necessary for everyone who wants to learn how to competently design.

System requirements

  • Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 (32 or 64 bit)


KOMPAS 3D v17 download torrent
KOMPAS 3D v17 download torrent
KOMPAS 3D v17 download torrent
KOMPAS 3D v17 download torrent

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