Eternal Magic download torrent


Eternal Magic is a massive adventure that is accessible to absolutely everyone. Incredible battles and fantasy adventure await you. Eternal Magic torrent download is very simple, all you need is a gadget. After which the user finds himself in a world where for a long time people suffered from chaos and war. Two insidious heroes Talazir and Saitan wanted to steal the artifact “Eternal Heart”, which belongs to the people. The artifact has powerful powers that allow it to raise all the forces of evil and become the owners of the world. Diaz came to the defense of ordinary people. Despite the fact that the artifact was destroyed, after a while a new war began. The fragments of the “Eternal Heart” awarded the chosen ones with unusual power. Now the heroes have to fight off a new attack of evil.

Game process

When the user starts the game, he finds himself in a world of war between good and evil. Therefore, he will need to choose one hero out of six, which allows him to influence the outcome of the game. Eternal Magic offers the following heroes: Marksman, Knight, Priest, Assassin, Mage and Swordsman. Initially, the heroes will have to go through some quests. They allow you to learn the game process and then calculate your steps. The plot is very interesting and attractive. Therefore, you can safely download the game and start fighting evil. At level 18, a new location “Classic Dungeon” will open for the user. Here the hero will be able to find equipment that will help him during the game. The “Heroic Dungeons” location is intended for those who have mastered all the techniques and already have certain skills. “Dungeon of Chaos” is recommended to be used only by those who have a solid team.

Features of Eternal Magic

  • The game offers many interesting locations with different modes. The user has the opportunity to participate in large-scale battles. A person can also choose any of six heroes who have different skills and abilities. The hero has the opportunity to own his own estate, have a wedding, or raise pets. Different categories of skills make it possible to develop unique skills and strength in your character. If you wish, you can conquer the world with your friends.
  • You can download Eternal Magic torrent in just a few clicks. Now there is a unique opportunity to play anywhere in the world, on any gadget. The user can really cope with the evil that destroys good cities. In order to save your character, it is advisable to register.

System requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64bit)
  • Processor: Intel Pentium Dual-core
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Video card: Intel HD4000
  • Hard Disk Memory: 18GB


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