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This game, created by a young team of developers from Layopi Games and Devil’s Hunt, will be available to download as a torrent very soon. The game is scheduled to be released on September 17, 2019, so very soon we will be able to fully enjoy this action-adventure RPG game.

Story line

It is worth noting that the game takes place in the universe of the book “Equilibrium” by the Polish writer Pavel Lenyak. Devil’s Hunt reveals the eternal struggle between the forces of light and darkness, good and evil. The war between angels and demons is already inevitable and it is our world that is considered as a battlefield. The main character, named Desmond, was a human in the past; he needs to take one of the warring sides and decide the fate of humanity. In the past, Desmond was the son of a wealthy businessman, but no amount of money can buy life and after a series of unfortunate events, death awaited him. Your final path was determined by your actions, behavior and compliance with the rules during life. And it looks like our hero didn’t really stick to them, since he ended up in hell.

Game process

It is worth noting that Devil’s Hunt is an action role-playing game from a third party, which looks extremely stylish and beautiful. As mentioned above, you have to play as a man named Desmond, who is endowed with mystical powers. The gameplay was shown at the GDC 2019 conference. In the video shown, we see the already familiar half-demon Desmond, who is in a hellish prison, where he fights with opponents, finds keys and passages in order to avoid traps. He is in the company of a satyr unfamiliar to us, who is Desmond’s assistant. But watching the video, it seems that there is not much benefit from it. In addition, we were shown a battle with a massive boss, which surprises with its spectacle. We can conclude that the gameplay here cannot be called boring, because the cruelty with which you need to finish off your enemies will certainly add adrenaline to your passage. Very soon the world will see everything with its own eyes, and you will be able to download Devil’s Hunt as a torrent and complete it yourself.

Game Features

You will have two lines of development, and it depends on which side you choose. In addition, you can maintain a balance between the hellish and heavenly sides, or pump only one specific one. An interesting feature is that Desmond’s appearance will change depending on your choices. For example, by leveling up your infernal abilities, you will give your character demonic horns. Based on the gameplay video, Desmond’s main weapon will be his demonic arm and he also has some abilities. For example, hitting the ground, a wave of fire, throwing enemies away and fast movement. Thus, you will have to do everything with your bare hands, without any auxiliary weapons. In addition to Hell and its levels, Devil’s Hunt will showcase some earthly locations such as Miami and Israel.

Developer Statements

According to the developers themselves, the main emphasis in their game was on a well-developed plot, narrative and well-developed combat mechanics. They also note that it will take you more than ten hours to complete Devil’s Hunt, one and a half of which you will spend watching videos and cutscenes. The creators present their creation as an interactive book, but the plot here is still linear and has only one ending. Hell is presented in the form of a modern US city, through which you have to travel, as well as upgrade your skills using the local currency – collected souls. As mentioned above, the game’s release date is scheduled for September 17 this year, which means that very soon you will be able to download Devil’s Hunt as a torrent and see for yourself its uniqueness.

System requirements

  • OS: Windows 7/8.1/10
  • Processor: Intel i5 quad core
  • RAM: 8 GB RAM
  • Video card: 2GB graphics card
  • DirectX: Versions 11
  • Disk space: 26 GB
  • Sound card: Integrated or dedicated DirectX 11 compatible soundcard


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