Concrete Genie download torrent


Concrete Genie torrent download is already available on the Internet. Each user has the opportunity to install a new product in a short time. The creator of this unusual game is Sony, which was able to find truly talented people. It was they who brought to life entertainment that is now available to everyone. The plot is based on the idea of ​​preserving all life on the planet. Everyone can put a piece of their soul into it and plant a tree or bush. After all, it often depends on the person whether to leave a tree or cut down the entire forest. Thanks to his talent, the creator was able to present this teaching in this way.

Story line

So the user plays the role of a boy from a small town. This young man’s name is Ash. Outwardly, he resembled a small, helpless child, but inside he had a strong spirit, talent and much more. Ash truly wanted to change the world for the better. But it takes a lot of effort to come here. The boy lives in a small town, where absolutely everything is dirty and looks like an abandoned village. But in reality this is not so, because people live here. They just forgot about what cleanliness and fresh air are. Ash didn’t really like the situation that was developing in his city. He wanted to hear birds singing in the morning and for flowers to bloom and trees to grow. The boy is really trying to make this place not just beautiful, but also useful. But every step he takes to improve the life of the town is hindered by an unknown force. Throughout the game, he actively fights evil. Ash knows how to draw beautifully, and to this talent was added the ability to animate everything that is drawn. This is what helps him cope with evil forces. The boy draws unusual graffiti that turns the town into a bright and lively settlement.

Game process

Concrete Genie download torrent does not require any special knowledge. Installing this entertainment takes just a couple of minutes. Thanks to high-quality graphics, the client finds himself in a truly scary and gray town. Everything here suggests that the locality needs help. Seeing this town for the first time, the user will be convinced that there is nothing special about it. This is an excellent idea from the developers, allowing the whole world to think about what we are doing to nature and everything that surrounds us. The teenager presented by the main character is ordinary, not of blue blood and does not even have the means for a normal existence. He does not even have the opportunity to develop his own talent normally. And with his help, he decided to revive this gray town. The most unusual people with amazing opportunities will appear along the way. They will prevent the young man from bringing his idea to life. But if you are really interested in this game, then the character will succeed.

Features of Concrete Genie

  • This game is truly unique, because it was able to show the whole world how important it is to take care of Mother Nature. After all, if she is gone, then all of humanity will not live. The game has an additional mode. In it, the young man will have to solve various puzzles. Ash will have to solve them using his drawing skills. During the game, different areas will open up, in which you will have to solve difficult problems.
  • Concrete Genie torrent download is easy if this game really interests you. Despite the fact that the entertainment has a fairly simple plot, it really managed to hook many. In order to see how versatile and interesting the game is, you should try it yourself. The entertainment is great for people of different ages and genders.

System requirements


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Concrete Genie download torrent
Concrete Genie download torrent

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