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Cheat Engine download torrent of a popular application for scanning computer RAM. What is it for? Everything is very simple. When you play a game, all its information is stored in RAM cells. This program can change these cells, analyzing all the information received there. That is, in fact, you can make your character invincible, add a bunch of additional points to his characteristics so that no one can destroy him.

Program features

The Cheat Engine program is designed exclusively to work in games. If you are not a gamer and do not play any game, then you may not even install the application. The principle of operation of the Cheat Engine: the program penetrates the memory cells of the RAM and begins to set its parameters there. Naturally, not in automatic mode. You change all the settings yourself, and the program is only a transmitter between you and the PC hardware. Make any changes to the RAM, creating a real terminator from your game character, which no one can kill. You can add a certain number of skills to yourself, increase your gold reserves, improve your characteristics, mine cool things, and so on. This is a kind of “God Mode”, which is in some games. This applies, by default, to absolutely all games, but there are MMORPGs that block such cheats and can permanently delete your account. Therefore, be extremely careful. Remember: you use the app at your own risk. Allow any changes to the RAM only with your head on your shoulders. If you are a beginner and do not understand anything about this, then it is better not to touch such programs, but play honestly. Any cheat codes are very noticeable in games and you can easily pay for it. It is not uncommon for a user’s account to be simply blocked without explanation, and this is very disappointing, especially when you have played 500 or more hours there. Imagine what it’s like to lose everything. So we recommend using Cheat Engine very carefully. Of course, if you play alone, then you can easily take advantage of all the benefits of the application, adding a few privileges to yourself. This applies to weapons, money, ammunition and other goodies. Download the Cheat Engine torrent and take advantage of all the features in the games.

Software processes

The Cheat Engine program should be used very carefully. If you are an inexperienced user, then it is better not to even bother here. Usually, users try not to burn out that they use this program to facilitate the passage of something. But, it just so happened that it is very noticeable. Even if you get into an MMO game and still start using Cheat Engine, you will quickly be suspected of cheating and your account will be blocked. And sometimes even without the possibility of restoring it. Some users even managed to sell things earned by the program to other users for real money. But this is strictly prohibited by law. To fully use the program, it is necessary that at least some values ​​are visible on the game screen, for example, the number of cartridges in a weapon. Then you can add yourself the maximum amount of ammunition. Use the application only in single-player games so as not to accidentally run into a block.

Cheat Engine Features

  • synchronization with most games;
  • almost no support with MMO;
  • easy setup, intuitive interface;
  • application access to the PC hardware;
  • changing RAM cells;
  • fast scan.

You can download the Cheat Engine torrent to all users who play games.

System requirements

  • Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10


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