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Download torrent in Russian to download the game Arma 3 Contact Mechanics. In this version, the player is given an original opportunity to participate in the genre of military science fiction. As a soldier, you enter armed conflict in tense, chaotic environments. You will also encounter aliens and predict their intentions. To defeat the enemy, you have the necessary military equipment, weapons, uniforms and equipment. Clashes occur in impassable thickets, open areas and other terrain. Special decorations and equipment are used.

Story line

The main character, Aiden Rudwell, takes part in military exercises in Livonia as a drone operator. He goes on reconnaissance when an alien ship appears in the sky. We need to find out who they are and the purpose of their arrival. It is necessary to quickly localize the emerging military conflict. But aliens play the role of a potential enemy, their threat is purely theoretical. The main battle will be between people who are not able to soberly assess the situation and become enemies. Tension and confusion lead to military conflict. New combat-ready groups equipped with advanced equipment are entering the fight. In an armed conflict, field science, reconnaissance, and electronic warfare will help you. The main thing for victory is maneuverability, speed of response, attentiveness, as well as skillful use of military equipment.

Game process

To start the game Arma 3 Contact Mechanics, you need to download the torrent in Russian. At the first stage, the main character (the operator of an unmanned drone) goes on reconnaissance to investigate a UFO that appeared over the site of a combat exercise. Your first priority is to find out who they are and why they came. In the event of a threat, a possible collision must be quickly prevented. In the future you will have an exciting fight with a ground enemy. The action takes place in dense forests, wide open fields with many interesting attributes. Various structures, natural objects, details on the new map of the country of Livonia. Its military group is equipped with advanced protective equipment. Russian special forces, which also have excellent equipment, take part in the battles. New types of military equipment and weapons are presented. Using a drone is convenient for reconnaissance in the most inaccessible places. It is also used to neutralize explosive targets. A tractor also appears in the game, which you can use for maneuvers.

Features of the game Arma 3 Contact Mechanics

Download the torrent in Russian and play Arma 3 Contact Mechanics. This game:

  • very interesting, exciting, atmospheric;
  • has new unusual useful equipment;
  • made in beautiful graphics that are pleasing to the eye;
  • filled with research, reconnaissance, electronic warfare;
  • beautifully voiced, her dialogue is undoubtedly delightful;
  • creates excitement in the fight against well-equipped soldiers with advanced technology;
  • creates the intrigue of battles in difficult forests and danger in open areas;
  • allows the use of an unmanned vehicle for research and prevention of sabotage;
  • gives free bonuses in the form of NATO camouflage or civilian clothing (the player can dress up as a worker, farmer, scientist);
  • filled with many relief and decorative special objects.
  • The atmosphere of the company is so addictive that you will be happy to run around a huge map, get valuable information, hide from the enemy and actively attack.

    System requirements

    • Operating system: Windows 7 / 8 / 10 (64 Bit)
    • Processor: Intel® Core™ i3 2.66 GHz
    • RAM: 4096 Mb
    • Graphics accelerator: 1024 Mb, OpenGL 3.0
    • Free space on HDD: 63 Gb


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