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AIMP torrent download one of the best players for Windows. The program came to replace the classic Winamp, which was the main one in the operating system. It is a completely free audio player with many features, functions and options that enhance the user’s music listening experience. AIMP exists on both Windows and Android platforms.

Program features

AIMP is one of the best audio players for computer and mobile devices. Users use the player to comfortably listen to music and radio online. If you like to listen to radio stations from different countries, then AIMP is perfect for this. And for this you do not need to install additional applications. All formats (.m3u) of the radio are supported and everything is reproduced without any interference or freezes. All the user needs to do is find the correct URL for their favorite radio station and paste it into the appropriate AIMP section. Of course, the player, in most cases, is used to listen to music from computer media. You just transfer the tracks to the application and start listening. At the same time, you can set any formats, functions, add styles and certain filters that increase comfortable listening. Enjoy multiple playlists while scrolling through them at the same time. To improve the sound, you can use the 18-band equalizer. All the parameters that allow you to improve the playback of any track are set there. Adjust the bass, sound, improve your voice, and so on. The program has a smart scheduler, where you can customize the playback of melodies according to the list. If any melody format is not supported by the program, then it can be converted into a suitable one. The interface is extremely simple, any beginner will understand. The main menu is located where you can select settings, global parameters, add a track, remove it, display a playlist or set the layout of the application. The Utilities section hides many plugins, presets, and conversions. Use an audio converter to fix the format of the melody to any other in a few minutes. Download the AIMP torrent and start listening to any music comfortably.

Software processes

The AIMP program is intuitive and easy to understand for all users, even beginners. You simply launch your audio player and start adding songs to your playlist. Further, all tracks are played in any given order. Melodies can be played in order or randomly. Also, you can make one song play several times in a row. Playlists are allowed to change, or run both at the same time. To make the melody sound as good as possible, we advise you to adjust the playback settings. You set them up once and you don’t need to go back to them again. Of course, you can select your own parameters for each track, but this is a long time. We advise you to use auto-tuning, especially for inexperienced PC users. An interesting feature is the alarm clock. Give it a playing time and it will ring after the specified time. The audio converter is popular for those who often transfer tracks from a computer to mobile devices. There are smartphones that cannot read this or that format.

AIMP Features

  • support for all formats;
  • built-in audio converter;
  • 18 equalizer bands;
  • simultaneous use of playlists;
  • alarm setting;
  • improvement of melodies, sounding.

Download the AIMP torrent and use the best audio player for your health.

System requirements

  • Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 (8.1) / Windows 10


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