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ABBYY Lingvo download torrent of a unique translator from a foreign language into Russian and vice versa. All European languages ​​are supported, and even those that are rather outdated and are used only in some particular ethnic groups. In the modern world it is hard to imagine a person who would not study a foreign language. But there are those who do not want to know anything other than Russian. For them, just such programs have been created in which you can easily translate any word, sentence or entire text without restrictions. And the translation will be as accurate and clear as possible.

Program features

ABBYY Lingvo is a popular translator from a Russian developer. It should be installed on every computer if you frequently use other languages. The application is really very important and necessary for every inhabitant of the Internet. If you cannot understand what is written on a certain foreign website, then simply paste the text into the translator and it will give you the most accurate and reliable translation. Even if the site uses some special dialect or slang. All of this is very easy to read and translate. Of course, one can say that now the most common translators are Yandex and Google, but they cannot translate as clearly and efficiently as ABBYY Lingvo. Check it out for yourself and see for yourself. We are sure you will be satisfied. This is one of the most convenient and comfortable translators for today. It contains a lot of dictionaries of foreign words that can be expanded by adding new ones. Update your dictionaries with new languages. Also, the new version of Lingvo has the opportunity to learn foreign languages. Have you long dreamed of learning a language, diversifying your speech, making it filigree? Then feel free to install the application and study all this with ease and comfort. Take grammar courses from the world’s leading universities. Meet the most complete dictionary base of any languages. There will not be such a thing that you cannot translate a word. The entire dictionary is translated quite easily and quickly. Download the ABBYY Lingvo torrent and start reading any foreign language.

Software processes

Dictionaries in ABBYY Lingvo translator are divided into several categories. The most popular is “Conversational”. Also, there is a “Thematic”, where there are special terms of different professions by category. This translator every time tries to surprise his faithful user with something. New versions contain unique courses in languages, not only vocabulary learning, but also grammar and pronunciation. The newest version is several times faster than the previous one. Finally, you will be able to translate better and faster than online. Built-in browser translators have become very popular these days, but they are not of high quality. Synchronize the application with the browser and use the translator online. You can even not open a new tab for translation, but simply hover over the desired word and the program will automatically give you translation options. Moreover, it will not just be a translation of a specific word, but downright a word from the context.

Features of ABBYY Lingvo

  • the possibility of learning languages;
  • competent foreign dictionary;
  • translation of words in meaning with context;
  • integration into web browsers;
  • a lot of dictionaries even for one language;
  • a lot of translation options;
  • several versions of the application;
  • high performance.

Download the ABBYY Lingvo torrent and read any foreign online publications with ease and comfort.

System requirements

  • Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10


ABBYY Lingvo download torrent
ABBYY Lingvo download torrent
ABBYY Lingvo download torrent
ABBYY Lingvo download torrent

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