This week’s Fortnite Legendary Challenge is dealing damage with a crossbow. Beginners may be confused as to where to find a crossbow at all, however, more experienced players may run into the same problem. The difficulty is that crossbows disappeared after the previous Valentine’s Day, but were later brought back under the name “Cupid’s Crossbow”. However, if you know where to look, finding a weapon is not so difficult. However, it’s worth hurrying up to spend Valentine’s Day with your significant other instead of playing Fortnite.

Where to find a crossbow

Cupid’s crossbows can be found almost anywhere weapons are usually found in Fortnite. For example, on the floor and in chests. They are extremely rare, so it will be easy to see them from afar.

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Cupid’s Crossbow will appear as a regular loot in Fortnite.

Although crossbows are a higher-tier weapon, they are now available to the public through this week’s Hearts of the Wild love-themed quests. They are not found where firearms are usually placed, but with a more thorough search, they can be found in a couple of minutes.

How to deal damage with a crossbow

Once the crossbow hits you, you’ll see that it has unlimited arrows, so you don’t have to worry about reloading. It works by analogy with a single-shot sniper rifle. You can lower your scope and shoot normally, but remember that it’s best to use the crossbow at long range.

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Until you find a safe place to aim your scope, it’s more efficient to have a spare weapon handy. Because otherwise, running with a crossbow, you risk being attacked and getting involved in a fight at a short distance.


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