Many players are actively shopping in Fortnite item shop, show off their skills with their favorite Fortnite weapons, or even use stats to improve their game. But there’s a whole other side to the popular battle royale, which involves a creative game mode that lets you use your imagination and do whatever you want.

What is “The Floor is Lava”?

The Floor – Lava. This was a game mode that once existed in Fortnite realms and proved to be very popular with players. It had a map with rising lava, forcing players to look for high places to avoid death.

How to make a game mode

If you want to make your own version for a limited time match, then the first thing you will need are sequencers, which can be found in the devices section. You can arrange them on the back of the card and face each other, with one sequencer standing alone facing the others. So you will have several of the 5 sequencers pointing to the card and then another one pointing to the set of sequencers.

In the sequencer settings section, set the tempo to 40, length to 8, width to 2, then activate it when you start playing. Meanwhile, for another set of sequencers, you can set the tempo to 18, the length to 100, and the same for the width and height. Let the zone be visible during the game with the “Yes” option, then set the Pulse Direction to “Up” and the damage level to a very low level. Follow the same sequence for each sequencer, but change the damage level to go up on each one. So, for the second level of damage, set it to low, for the next – medium, and for the last – zero.

Next, go to the Terrain section and select the lava tiles, which should be the second option under the Lava section. Scale it up and set it to snap mesh 1. Find a flat surface and build a box around the spawn point. In the settings section, enable it during the gameplay only phase, Island start as No.

Use the team customization device nearby to give players a choice Fortnite weapons and materials, which they can use in game mode. You may also want to give players a gradual slope to where the lava starts from.

That’s all you need to know about how to make your own Lava floor in Fortnite. For many players, the limited time mode can be difficult. If you’re one of those people, once you’re done browsing the Fortnite item shop, why not check out this mode and see what you can do?


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