The main idea of ​​Fortnite is to build fortifications, set traps, and destroy crowds of bloodthirsty zombies.

Epic Games studio is no longer a novice in the gaming field and pleases gamers with high-quality releases, bringing stable growth to the company.

The first high-profile project of Epic Games was MOBA, but today we will cast our eyes on Fortnite.

We will take care of survival; we will build and build our majesty.

The game’s main idea is to build fortifications, set traps, and destroy hordes of bloodthirsty zombies, whatever you like.

The sweets did not end there, and power barriers with parachutes were introduced, the so-called Battle Royale.

For everything that has been said to settle in my head on the shelves, it will be necessary to familiarize myself with the information posted below.


The plot is standard: the world is engulfed by a virus, and you have to save yourself so as not to become a victim of zombies.

Everyone has long known about zombies, their behavior, and what they like for breakfast.

And the plot is tied up tritely – the virus absorbs the earth, and you, in the company of comrades in arms, are surviving citizens who must wait for the detachment that evacuates them. Cities already do not resemble living megacities. Instead, it is considerable devastation, but not everything is lost; you can find helpful something everywhere. And if your hands are not hooks, you can make fortifications that will save your life and your brothers.

As for the PvP mode, in it, a handful of people out of 100 people do not understand how they ended up on the island, but they don’t care before that; they are all around crushing and collecting rubbish, creating things from it that are useful.


Control and interface

The game has a classic control system with a simple and intuitive interface.

As with many similar projects, control here is carried out using the WASD keys, jump to the “Space.”

Hotkeys have been added to all this compote; they are necessary for building and collecting the required elements. In general terms, management is nothing more than a genre classic.

As for the game interface, this theme is implemented conveniently. The menu highlights several settings buttons, the store or my hero.

In the game itself, according to the law of the genre, we see an indicator of health, armor, a list of items, and how much space they take up in a backpack.



The main difference from Left 4 Dead is the ability to build your fortifications; this requires resources.

Let’s start describing the gameplay in Fortnite with the PvE mode because it was the first to see the light.

It differs from Left 4 Dead in that you can build your fort here. Agree; this is still better than running and looking for a place to hide, being in constant danger.

Any improvised means are suitable for construction, for example, wood, brick, metal, etc. Most importantly, do not forget the traps; these devices bring many benefits and save your life.

Since everything here comes down to battles and the construction of protective elements, it is worth considering what resources will be needed to build protection.

  • Tree. This resource is one of the easiest to obtain, it is easy to find it and drag it to your base without difficulty, but its constructions are so-so (fragile and unreliable).
  • Stone. The second most difficult to obtain, it is already more durable than wood, and you can already start building from stone for a long time.
  • Metal. This resource is the most durable and persistent, it will withstand the onslaught of even the strongest enemy, but it comes across exceptionally rarely, so you must work hard.

Available buildings include walls, ceilings, ramps, and stairs. How to use them, everyone chooses for himself. An exciting and extraordinary meaning can carry a ramp, but zombies cannot break it, and the shape of the pandura allows you to change the trajectory of the flow of zombies. You will be a curator directing the zombies to the right place.

Fights in Fortnite

Combat system

The battle consists of two parts: first, fortifications are built, then zombie attacks are repelled.

Any battle will be divided into two parts, in the first, we collect and build, and in the second, we repel zombie attacks.

The player starts with the most straightforward and uncomplicated weapon, with a club or a hammer that comes across.

Since this is a survival game, you will never have enough ammo, always try to survive in this world, and have to extract resources right during the battle.

As you progress through the story and level up, you’ll unlock new equipment and weapons with traps.

Yes, and your weapons will occasionally break (must be repaired).


As in many similar projects, you can choose one of four characters to participate in battles. Naturally, they have differences, both in combat and out of action.

  • Soldier. The unit is quite simple but handles weapons well.
  • Ninja. He shoots so-so or does not know how and has no equal in melee combat.
  • Builder. He does not take part in battles but builds defensive structures and does it faster than workers, using much fewer resources.
  • Wanderers. They also do not participate in battles but are better at looking for resources than dogs.

Fortnite – video review


In general, it turned out to be a suitable product with its unique features and exciting online battles shoulder to shoulder with friends. The graphic design and musical processing did not let us down. Together, they create the perfect balance of what is desired and what is seen.

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