Square Enix held a briefing for investors following the results of the three quarters of the fiscal year on February 3, but the document describing the meeting appeared on the Web only the day before. The file sheds light on the financial performance of the company’s games.

The event took place about a week after the release Forspokenbut even then Square Enix called the sales of the action movie low. According to the President Yosuke Matsuda (Yosuke Matsuda), who will leave his position at the end of 2023, press reviews about Forspoken turned out to be problematic. He noted that the parkour and combat system of the project received praise – the company will be able to use these developments to improve its future products.

The manager does not rule out that due to the failure of the Frey adventure and the mediocre success of other small and medium-sized games, earnings Square Enix quarter may be lower than expected.

Also March 10 Luminous Productions released the promised patch 1.10, which improved the quality of graphics and effects, introduced several new features, and increased optimization. Below about the main:

  • The first time you launch after the update, the game will prompt you to adjust the brightness and contrast, as well as adjust HDR, if this option is supported.

  • The developers have worked on the lighting and shading model. Adjusted the effects that occur when looking at bright objects such as the sun.

  • On the PC, the load on the processor on a number of video cards has been reduced – in some cases, the increase in performance reaches 30%. For example, at standard settings in 2K resolution, the number of frames per second while walking around Sipar increased from 54 fps to 75 fps. Also Forspoken began to use less video memory.
  • Implemented several additional features that make the gameplay more comfortable. Among them are an updated target lock mode, snapping to nearby enemies, and the heroine’s immunity to her own spells.

The patch is available now on PS5 and PC via Steam and EGS. The Microsoft Store version will be available as soon as the store completes the review.


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