An early version of Forgive Me Father 2 includes 10 different locations, each of which represents one of the living nightmares created by the Ancients.

Players will once again have to venture into an ominous world inspired by the works of H. P. Lovecraft, where madness never sleeps, and the main plot will revolve around the new adventures of the priest from the original, trying with all his might to find a way to salvation.

Ahead lies a wide variety of battles with hordes of possessed cultists and a variety of supernatural enemies, each of which can be dispatched to the next world with the help of an extensive and varied arsenal of deadly weapons, modified to suit your taste. The “Madness System” from the first game has also been reworked and improved, giving power to those who choose to fully immerse themselves in madness.

Throughout the early access period, the creators of the sequel plan to regularly release updates that will significantly increase the number of levels available to complete, the main character’s arsenal, and much more.


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