The Other Shore is a role-playing game for smartphones with console graphics and anime style. The project is undergoing CBT in Chinaonly Android gamers who have received an activation code can participate in it.

The Other Shore Mobile Game Offers Cinematic Cutscenes and NieR Re-Style Turn-Based Combat[in]carnation. For permanent victories, you need to assemble a team of rare anime waifu; this can be done through the passage of the plot and the gacha system.

Note that each character in The Other Shore belongs to different elements, effective against certain types of enemies. Since the interface is partially translated into English (what is this, a hint at the global version?), then by the inscription “Weak” (Weak) you can understand how much damage the hero will inflict.

Characters in The Other Shore have mana that they spend on active skills and ultimates. This allows you to deal more damage or heal allies. It is interesting that often players do not encounter ordinary mobs, but mini-bosses, with their own animations, models and battle tactics.


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