There are thousands of football games that promise exciting matches with friends and other people online. The goal of all football PC games like FIFA, PES or Football Manager has always been to simulate the emotion of watching or playing football. And the new FootballTeam game is just as typical.

FootballTeam is a browser game developed in Poland where all you need is an email address.

Be part of the football team

Other football games offer different mechanics such as using items, completing tasks, or being a manager of a football team. FootballTeam has it all and adds a unique experience to playing football in the browser. After all, there are no bots in this game. All interaction in the community is supported by real people, both teammates and rivals, which is what makes the game such a great experience.

The game is shareware. To register, just enter your email address. You then need to choose your player name and position, take a short tutorial to learn about the mechanics of the game, and that’s it! It’s time to run out onto the field.

Train to improve your skills

The world of football is very competitive. If you want to stand out from the rest of the players and succeed in your team, you will have to work hard.

There are eight different skills in FootballTeam:

  • Attack game
  • Defense game
  • playing out
  • Endurance
  • Standard provisions
  • game reading
  • Efficiency
  • Pressing

You must develop each of them, giving priority to those that bring you the most benefit in a given situation.

In turn, you have a general level that you can increase as you learn.

How to improve your skills?

What I really liked about FootballTeam is that it combines elements of a classic football game with elements of an MMORPG. Here they are based not only on skills, the game also uses elements that will be essential for your development.

If you look in the upper right corner, you will find resources that will be your main working weapon in the process, these are: euro (the currency in the game), energy, health and credits.

Health – this section is represented by a first aid kit and a percentage of health, which decreases every time your player participates in a match. It usually takes a few hours to recover, and if you hurt yourself, it will drop even more, which will affect your productivity.

Ask the manager to give you a break if this happens, the injury heals within one to three days when it is very serious.

Energy – does not affect or change during matches, but it will be vital for the development of the player, since with it we will be able to conduct training.

Each session will cost you one point and will gradually increase up to 16. The more energy you have, the easier it will be for you to grow.

Euro and loans – you probably have questions about what is the difference between one and the other.

Euro is an in-game currency that helps you pay for training and team things if you are a manager, such as paying players’ salaries and expanding the stadium.

Loans are displayed as coins and represent real money that you can buy in the game. You can use them to buy a package, euros, energy, hire assistants and more.

If you want to play FootballTeam effectively without getting addicted to donations, there are many ways to do it in the game, for example: take part in stunt duels, complete achievements, participate in various weekly competitions. Win championships, play games in good leagues, sell your items, trade collections and more.

Packs and how the market works

An important part for the players is clothing. We are talking about items such as: shoes, shorts, t-shirts, socks, bracelets and even balls. In FootballTeam, they can be found in packs that the game gives as a reward.

Each pack includes an item that increases chances of being upgraded based on the type of pack you open.

There are items in grey, blue, green, red and gold, with the latter being the rarest and hardest to find. In addition, it is he who most of all helps players increase their OVR.

Main sources of packs:

  • randomly while exercising
  • quest reward
  • reward for learning to a higher level of feint
  • reward for winning a feint duel
  • purchase on the Market for credits

To open the packs you will need keys, they can be obtained in many ways: you can buy them, win them in the ways above, and you can even exchange bees for keys.

Premium keys are harder to get, but they will help you sell the items you got in the market tab if you want. There you will find all kinds of items at different prices.

You can also use golden orbs to unlock your items obtained with normal keys and put them up for sale, this is the best way to get credits without paying for them.

Join a team or become its manager

A central part of football in video games and in real life is being on successful teams that encourage you to compete and win trophies. In FootballTeam we will have the opportunity to join existing teams or create our own to find the best players.

Join the team

There are hundreds of clubs on the server looking for new members all the time.

The game has the ability to send them a message and ask them to hire you. If accepted, you can sign a seasonal contract and receive a salary in euros. Each season lasts a certain amount of time, but you can leave the team whenever you want. Although in this case you will receive a penalty time.

Create a team

If you feel more like a strategist and want to be involved in everything related to running a club, you have the option to create your own and become a manager. This will allow you to make important decisions such as tactical stops, player selection, and even finances.

Conclusions about FootballTeam

The basic idea is quite simple, the game is highly addictive. Yes, workouts as such are boring because you just have to click and wait, and if you don’t have much free time, you may lose interest or feel frustrated. But the developers contribute to increasing the competitiveness, this is manifested in the fact that you constantly feel motivated to improve.

Transfers are often reviewed as it is very common to see players leaving for top teams in the middle of a tournament. These empty spaces are being filled by new low-level players from lower leagues or outright newcomers, leaving a sense of injustice and annoyance for others. However, the game continues to develop and optimize for more and more absorption of players.

FootballTeam is a good game for those who love football. This is a new word in the genre. It’s a fresh alternative that lets you have as much fun as you want. If you are one of those people who are looking for a good time killer at home or during breaks at work, you can play this without any problems.


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