Publisher Netflix has released Football Manager 2024 Mobile on iOS and Android. The games are available in many countries around the world on the App Store and Google Play, but not in Russia. An active Netflix subscription is required to play.

Football Manager 2024 Touch is also available on the App Store and Nintendo Shop for Apple Arcade subscribers and those who purchased the Nintendo Switch version.

Football Manager 2024 Mobile is pretty serious football simulator, where the most intense moments will take place in the main menu. Players will act as managers who know everything about their players, find new talent through transfers and create tactics for upcoming matches.

Also, a good manager knows how to speak with his wards: calmly, balanced or strictly. This will determine how much the upcoming match will exhaust your players and how they will react to a possible defeat.

Unfortunately, matches in both versions of FM24 take place in approximately this format.

It’s 2023, and you still have to look at animated chips.

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App Store (Touch)


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