Smartphone games are getting more and more popular.

Personally, as a fan of all kinds of races, I could not miss the release of the Ace Racer races. Especially considering the fact that it is positioned as a kind of killer of the Asphalt series from NetEase.

So, Ace Racer is an arcade racing game that looks and plays much better than the Asphalt series.

The fact is that in addition to high-speed races in corridor locations, we get a damage system and an ult for each car, which allows you to drive through walls and even turn into another car.

I’m not talking about the fact that graphically and stylistically the game is trying to maintain itself in the style of Need for Speed ​​Heat.

Driving in the game is very cool. Of course, if you expect realistic physics from the game and at least some realism in general, then just forget about it!

Here, crazy cars, with crazy tuning, drive at crazy speeds and do crazy stunts. Just watch my short gameplay video.

As for the modes, here we are offered the following: practice, regular races, rating, hunting for heads, time trials, and even passing exams for a license.

If you decide to try the game yourself after everything that I wrote and showed here, then you need to find the APK file on the Internet and play only through an American VPN. You can try the games until April 26th.

In the meantime, you can look at the trailer for the game, as usual just below.


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