From November 4 to November 8, a beta test of Tencent’s shooter Project RS will take place. But now an insider – one of our readers – has shared with AppTime some interesting details from the game’s Discord channel. It’s too early to draw any conclusions—it’s clear that the project is still too raw.

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CoreHunt – the first of the known modes, which is designed for 16 people – 4 teams of 4 players each. The main goal is to protect the Cores until the end of the round so that other teams cannot blow them up.

Second – CoreRush — team mode 4 vs 4 players. In it, the main goal is to capture as many enemy cores as possible and survive to the end of the round. The developers also give advice – to move the anchor point (Anchor Point, from which, apparently, the cores appear) more often.

  • Examples of a map on which you can somehow plan a match with your team.


Apparently, the cores appear during Dimensional Storm and Reality Breach – special events. In addition, cores can be captured by defeating enemies who are holding them or simply stolen from other teams.

Dimensional Storm – an event that occurs during a battle and brings with it a number of challenges or surprises for the players. Tencent designers have drawn a lot of concept art for Storm, like these:

The developers advise choosing the Anchor Point wisely, as well as constantly protecting or moving it. In order to approach the Storm, you need to move the point or protect it from enemy attacks.

Before each match starts there is also a loading screen with classic tips that can help you in the game.


Tencent did not comment on the unique skills that each of the heroes will have, but simply posted screenshots of them. And no, not screenshots of mechanics, but only their descriptions. A total of 7 pieces are known:


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