Users of the PC version of the Mozilla Firefox browser use extensions to disable advertising on sites and requests to enable cookies. However, the mobile version of Mozilla is very different in this regard.

With coming Firefox 120 smartphone owners will be able to use more than 200 extensions. We are talking about the Android version of the browser. Her debut will take place in December. The ecosystem with these extensions will be completely open, so Mozilla asks developers not to wait for a more convenient opportunity.

Mozilla representatives remind that in the PC version of the Firefox browser about 40,000 extensions available. Therefore, 200+ programs for the Android version seem like a “drop in the bucket.” Nevertheless, the company decided to get serious about the mobile version. Apparently, most Android users don’t want to just change their browser and say goodbye to Google syncing.

And to motivate developers, Mozilla will give T-shirts to those whose extensions will be included in the first wave.


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