Fire Warrior 2 (Ace Force 2) is a mobile arena shooter available on smartphones during the Closed Beta in China. You can’t get into the servers without invitations, so for now you can pre-register through Tap Tap.

In Ace Force 2, players use grenades and cannons of various calibers to headshot across the floor. Note that there is no auto-aiming and auto-shooting, at least YouTubers have it disabled. The developers have worked on death animations, so the character flies high when killed or hits the wall with relish.

In general, Ace Force 2 cannot be called a complete replacement for Valorant and Overwatch, as other content creators have done. The maximum is an improved version of Crossfire with a futuristic design and the use of active skills.

In the beta version of Ace Force 2, almost console graphics and cool special effects, for example, when throwing a fire grenade. As players win, they increase their rank. Each match is given 10 minutes, which can seem like a long time for mobile gamers.


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