The developers of Reverse: 1999 have shared images describing all the content that will be in the game when it releases on October 26th.

The basis of Reverse: 1999 will be a plot that includes a prologue and 4 chapters. All main characters will have full voice acting. As you progress through the story, new game modes will be unlocked. For example, after completing a chapter on normal difficulty, a gamer will open Hard Mode.

In addition to turn-based battles and story-driven dialogues between heroes, Reverse: 1999 will feature “Nature,” a separate mode with functional buildings and the production of various materials. And if you place characters in this area, you can strengthen your connection with them and open special events.

Also in Reverse:1999 there will be a gacha system with the first banner for newcomers. It will allow you to knock out 1 of 3 6-star characters: Eternity, Regulus and Lilya. 30 summons guarantee a 6-star hero, but if he is knocked out earlier, the banner will close. That is, it will not be possible to knock out more than 1 character through it.

In total, players will receive 3 banners with different characters.

The last thing that awaits players is a battle pass made in the style of vinyl discs and jukeboxes.


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