Square Enix has finally revealed more details about the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, posting details and screenshots on on your website. The game’s release is scheduled for February 29 and so far only for PlayStation 5. In addition, today a cinematic trailer with a brief retelling of the events of the previous parts was released on the game’s YouTube channel.

Judging by the comments of the developers on the official website Final Fantasy, the game offers us a new dynamic level of difficulty, which will increase the strength of enemies as the hero himself develops.

But that’s not all – the main characters will have the opportunity to use powerful skills that will increase damage by an order of magnitude and provide other advantages. For example, Cloud and Iris will team up for a powerful magic attack, and Barret and Cloud will perform a three-hit combo together.

Another innovation concerns Red, who will become a full-fledged character with his own skills. One of them is an explosive sphere that incinerates enemies.

But not only the main characters received their moment of fame. In Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, as in the previous part, long-familiar characters will appear, as well as a couple of new ones. For example, the owner of the hotel Broden, the sheriff of the city of Little Juon Rhonda, the dolphin trainer Priscilla, the grandson of the ranch owner Billy and Chloe from the curiosity shop.

By the way, regarding the ranch. It will open a “Choco Boutique” with customization of your faithful mount. And if you accumulate various data during your wanderings, then it’s better to look at Chudli, who will create different versions of Matter from them.

Unfortunately, we have not mentioned all the innovations – only the most interesting ones. You can find the rest at official website of the game.


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