Greetings my dear pilots! I consider it my duty, before proceeding to the analysis of hotel aircraft, to talk about the main classes of these same steel birds, and the first class I will talk about is the class of “Fighters”

About “Fighters” in general

First of all, these combat units are designed to destroy air targets, since the world of the War Thunder game, although it is a kind of arcade game, is as close to reality as possible, and it is for this reason that it should be noted that most of the tactics that were used in our reality, during the period of the same World War II, are ideal for this simulator. Here, for example, are four factors that, according to Pierre Spray, are the main ones in achieving victory.

  • It is necessary to be the first to notice the enemy – we are talking about the fact that sudden attacks are much more difficult to repulse than if you knew at least the approximate options for the enemy’s actions.
  • The second factor, of course, can be called numerical superiority, it is difficult for one, even the most powerful fighter, to cope with several opponents.
  • It is equally important to have better maneuverability, dynamics, and other characteristics in general. And we are talking not only about the qualities of the aircraft, but also about the skills of the pilot.
  • The fourth point is the ability to be the first to hit an enemy aircraft, in fact, it has something in common with the second, that in battle the number of combat-ready units is very important, in fact, the more allies, the easier it is to hit the enemy, and the chance to stay alive increases for you.

Yes, if you have all these factors fully met, then the likelihood that in a certain battle you will emerge victorious increases significantly.

Fighters in War Thunder

In WT, there are many fighters, in the USSR these are such specimens as the I-16 monoplane, or as the I-15 series biplanes. And the famous “YAKs” of all modifications, too, no doubt, fighters, some are even equipped with bombs, small ones, but they are installed. For the Germans, these are aircraft of the Bf, He, Fw series. Of course, it makes no sense to list all the series of fighters. Each of you, himself, is able to find them. Let’s talk about tactics, it’s quite simple.

Tactics for fighters in War Thunder

As far as I managed to study this game, the most experience is gained by those who shot down the most enemies, i.e. we conclude that since you are on a fighter, it means you have to shoot down planes, and the experience is also all yours, but the main thing here is to overdo it, and it can be easier for some attack aircraft to shoot down a plane, so a couple of tips on combat:

  • Keep an optimal distance to the target – you should not approach the aircraft closer than 400 meters, if you are not sure that it has a few hits left, there is a very big risk that you will miss each other. For example, he will go down, and you will fly forward, so it is important to know the average speed of the enemy aircraft, so as not to simply overtake it, because then you will become the target.
  • Try to always be above the enemy – this is not about morality …. Although, well, no, here I mean that it is easier to shoot at the enemy from below than to take the plane to a level higher, besides, if the enemy goes into the loop, you will have more chances to hit him than if he is higher than you, then you you have to fly after him, and the rise of the plane is always a loss of speed.
  • Try to shoot the enemy at vital modules – no, of course this point is suitable for most aircraft, but here it is most pronounced, large-caliber guns on Yaks hit the wings very well, blowing them to pieces.

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