An alternative to the game Ghostrunner has appeared in the Chinese TapTap – Fast Blade. From a gameplay point of view, there are almost no changes: the player plays the role of a ninja who must carefully go through the levels, running across the rooftops, dodging attacks and cutting enemies with a blade.

For Fast Blade undergoing beta testing in China on Android, you can download the client only through TapTap. The Chinese who have played note that this is a difficult game, so only “gamers with fast fingers” will be able to complete the levels.

Fast Blade pleases with manual controls and cyberpunk style, but the graphics are much simpler the original Ghostrunner. Players also complain about the lack of training, so they have to figure out jumping between platforms, roofs, and so on themselves.

For completing levels, players receive resources that are spent on purchasing new weapons and improving talents. The depth and elaboration of leveling is small, so Fast Blade will not be able to jump above its head and go beyond mobile games.


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