Fang – aka Claw

Today we will talk about one of the most unusual stormtroopers in Prime World – the Fang. Why is he unusual? Well, for starters, let’s remember what attack aircraft are. As a rule, this is a tank class, that is, they are those who do not complain about the level of survival. Fang cannot boast of such survivability, however, his parameters and talents make him an excellent jungler and ganker.

His main tactic when dealing with enemy heroes is to watch alone, pounce, kill and hide before reinforcements arrive.

Admittedly, in capable hands, this tactic will put the enemy in a difficult position. Or he will have to use at least two heroes to move between lanes (not to mention forestry), which will weaken the lanes. Or give up on the line and at any moment expect a blow in the back from Fang that jumped out of the forest.

But all this works well only with the right build, in which Fang, of course, still has weaknesses. Although there are also many advantages. Let’s take a brief look at both.


  • Huge damage on a single target;
  • Fairly high mobility when entering and exiting battles;
  • It is possible to catch up with almost any character;
  • Very strong in later stages;


  • Only one defensive skill and a small increase in will and stamina. As a result, the need to invest in health, to the detriment of other parameters;
  • Pretty weak before level 10;
  • The large size of the character makes him a tempting target for enemies;

Now let’s move on to a more detailed consideration of this character.

Fang’s abilities

First, let’s look at the basic abilities of this hero in order to better understand what he is capable of.

“Roar” – the main and only defensive ability of the Fang. With it, he can reduce the damage taken by up to 50% and pick off quite a lot of creeps. An ability that is useful both when hiking in the forest and in mass battles.

“Lone Beast” – increase in damage and (after the buildup) regeneration of the hero, in the absence of nearby allies. It is this ability that makes Fang a “free hunter”.

“Animal Sense” – an ability that allows you to see enemy heroes at a great distance, whose health has fallen below 50%. After activating it, you can use a talent that will significantly increase the movement speed of the Fang for a short time.

“Curse of the Beast” – A huge jump towards an enemy hero, followed immediately by a bite that deals a large amount of magic damage over the next 4 seconds. Subsequently, if the opponent dies within those seconds, a beast controlled by the Fang appears in its place.

Characteristics and talents. What to choose?

The main characteristics of the Fang are Strength and Agility. They allow him to deal the maximum amount of damage in the minimum amount of time, which is so necessary with his ganker hunter tactics.

Cunning is also very useful, but its growth in Fang is not high, so it should also be taken. The same situation is with Mind. Of course, some of his skills are tied to this characteristic, but not so critical as to waste precious talents on him. But the points of characteristics – please, albeit in a much smaller amount than for Strength and Agility, of course.

Useless characteristics are definitely Energy (short fights), Fortitude (short fights) and Will (well, you get my point).

Now let’s see what kind of talent our little animal needs. You will definitely need talents for the amount of health and its regeneration. Otherwise, the Fang comes out just glassy, ​​and only the Healer will not be able to quickly destroy it.

Strength talents are also clearly needed. However, you should not overdo it with her recruitment, otherwise you simply won’t be able to catch up with the enemy, and then what’s the point of her?

Fang’s role in the team

Fang’s primary roles are always ganker and jungler. In a constant fight on the lane, he will not be able to reveal himself well enough. Therefore, we rush through the forest, kill creeps, look out for single heroes, quickly kill them and quickly hide.

However, what if there are no tanks in the team at all? In this case, Fang will have to take on this role. By pumping more talents into health and using the Roar in time (important!) Fang will be able to more or less effectively fulfill this role. It happens something like this: we break into the battle, growl (damage reduction and disruption of creeps), fight until the allies get a couple of enemy heroes and immediately retreat to restore strength.

If there is a tank in the team, then we calmly go to the forest and fulfill our direct duties.

Latest Tips

Unfortunately, the Fang cannot be used effectively in all modes. Outpost and Native Land are definitely not for him. Dragonwald – still all right if you are an experienced ganker. Leapfrog and the good old Borderlands are best suited. This is where Fang can hunt to his heart’s content.

Well, as you can see, Fang is a rather interesting character, allowing players to feel like a real predator, cautious, cunning and ruthless.


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