Marvel’s Spider Man 2 will be released only on PlayStation 5. It will be good if in a few years the project appears on PC. But after the exclusivity of Starfield, Sony may change its attitude towards PC ports.

So the enthusiasts at GameOnBudget updated the fan version of Marvel’s Spider-Man to become Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. The developers added a Miles Morales skin and also expanded New York so you can now fly across the bridge. The graphics have also been improved.

You can download Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Android Edition via website enthusiasts. They note that a minimum of 4 GB of RAM will be required to run, and the APK file size is 360 MB.

Players of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Android Edition can climb walls and fly on webs, and the flight animations are different. The lighting and shadows are also realistic, but there are no pedestrians or cars. The presence of tasks or at least “Peter Parker tests” is also questionable. There’s probably no content because the original game hasn’t been released yet, so there’s nothing to copy.


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