It’s been five years since Fallout 76 launched, and to celebrate its fifth anniversary, Bethesda is offering a number of events and bonuses for players who logged into the game during this period.

Players will also receive a free gift basket containing various items, including a unique 5th Anniversary hat.

Plus, the game is free to try until October 30th, so if you haven’t explored the radioactive wasteland yet, you should do so now. And if you like the game so much that you decide to buy it, you can do so with an 80% discount.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to buy the game using Steam accounts from Russia. But if you have a Kazakhstan account, then the game will cost you only 2,700 tenge (approximately 528 rubles).

So, if you have a desire to try the game, now is the time. I might also try to go back and check out the game.

In the meantime, just below we look at the trailer for the game, made especially for the anniversary.


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