Extraction shooter Project Black Budget from Krafton is going to release earlier than planned. At least, this is the conclusion that follows from the last financial report PUBG authors. Initially, the new product was planned for 2024-2025, but now everything is going to the point that the release will take place somewhere in the second half of 2024.

The first news about Project Black Budget appeared at the beginning of this year, thanks to another financial report Krafton. At that time, the game was announced as “the future leader of the Extraction shooter genre, based on the experience and development of PUBG.” Now Project Black Budget tops the list of the company’s main projects and is already in development. Future platforms other than PC have not yet been announced.

Krafton’s other major projects currently include the survival game “The Next Subnautica,” scheduled for the first half of 2025, and the sandbox game “Project Gold Rush,” expected sometime around the same time. Also the company plans over the next three years, open “Canada’s First AAA Game Studio” and hire more than 150 employees.


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