Exist is a mobile game that was released on Google Play on October 2. There is no information about the iOS version. Exist places an emphasis on third-person single player play; The player controls a samurai who goes through corridor locations and is controlled manually to defeat both ordinary ninjas and the dead.

Exist is a hardcore game that has been specially optimized for smartphone touch screens. The developers promise that although the controls are manual, casual gamers should not be afraid. But the lack of training and specific tasks may deter some players.

In addition to sword attacks on the ground, Exist players can launch enemies into the air and continue hitting them without touching the ground. In this regard, the game is vaguely reminiscent of Devil May Cry with scores and a combo counter.

The Exist character also has HP, which is not restored automatically after the end of the battle. The downside of this game is that after a short playthrough you will be asked to buy the first chapter or open 6 of them at once. I note that in the first chapter there are 4 levels.

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