Squadron 42, a new adventure project from the Cloud Imperium Games studio, has reached the final stage of development. Within CitizenCon 2023 the developers shared a 26-minute video with the “inner kitchen”, gameplay details and comments from the head of the studio, Chris Roberts. According to the latter, the game is already completely ready and has “moved into the polishing stage.”

In the gameplay video, Cloud Imperium Games showed flights on spaceships, a couple of battles, a shooter part and excerpts from story cutscenes. It’s clear that the game lacks optimization, but that’s what the studio is doing now that the core mechanics are done with. The developers devoted most of the video to technology: advanced AI, animation and the process of scanning actors. Speaking of which, not only the head of the studio appeared in the video, but also the actors: Mark Hamill, Gillian Anderson and Gary Oldman.

Nothing is known about the release date yet. As Chris said:

“As soon as we have a firm release date, you will be the first to know. After such a long journey, we want to make sure that Squadron 42 lives up to expectations as the Wing Commander of our generation.”

For those who are not familiar with the game. Squadron 42 takes place in the same world as Star Citizen; This is a separate story campaign. According to the developers, the game was supposed to be part of an episodic trilogy, but not even one episode has been released yet. This is due to the complexity and scale of Squadron 42. Development of Star Citizen itself began back in 2012 with a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter; then the players collected $2 million.


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