On the street of fans of old-school MMOs, the holiday has finally come.

Publisher Gameforge has announced the opening date of the European server MMORPG AION Classic. Players will be able to explore the massive fantasy world of Atreia on April 12th.

The European AION Classic is based on version 1.9 but will also feature the latest updates to the South Korean version of the game, including balance changes. The server will be located in Germany and Gameforge has no plans to geo-block IP addresses.

And this means that players from Russia and other CIS countries will be able to fully plunge into the world of the game and explore it together with everyone.

Let me also remind you that 4Game undertook the launch of the Russian game servers, but it is not yet known when the launch of their servers awaits us.

So, while in standby mode, we are watching a trailer for the launch of European servers, as usual, just below.


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