Epic Game is a mobile dungeon crawler, an early version of which appeared on the American Google Play. The gameplay is accompanied by simple cut-scenes and a female voice recorded using artificial intelligence.

As for the gameplay in Epic Game, it is isometric and semi-automatic. That is, our knight runs around the hub city, where he completes tasks; for example, open 10 chests. After that, he goes to the corridor caves, where he automatically beats the archers and skeleton warriors.

Although Epic Game looks like a simple Android game, it has some interesting features. For example, a gamer does not know in advance what awaits him in the next room; that is, the character only sees what is directly in front of him.

Also, Epic Game is a rather hardcore game – the character only has 100 HP, and it does not replenish automatically. Therefore, you need to look for all sorts of potions in the rooms in order to somehow survive. The only pity is that there are no online elements in the Epic Game.

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